Provide Order and Reservation Apps
For Free and Then
Gain Revenue From Every Transaction

A Free System For Existing App Resellers to Manage their Varied App Business Portfolio
And Forward Looking Charities

Question: How Much DoYou Pay To Us?

Answer: ZERO

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Become A PayPal Partner
And Gain Additional Revenue Streams By Providing Their Merchant Services To Your App Clients

Build A Dynamic Network Of Appointed Representatives

By building a network of Appointed Representatives you will grow your business very quickly as they feed Apps into your system, motivated by a reward structure that you control
and based on commission (a few dimes) per order.
The Yoyummy System provides an intuitive and automated app creation,
submission and hosting system which is Free,
NO Annual Subscription
and with
NO App Hosting Charges
or you can wrap it around your existing system such as
With little effort your appointed representatives can create or
sub contract to your or our preferred global app creators
Adjust Appointed Representatives rewards On an App By App Basis
according to costs incurred in bringing the App to market.
You can create incentives as well. Check out / Join YoYummy. You can offer this too under your branding. (

A Fully Comprehensive Global Sub Contractor Management System

Sub Contract Virtually Everything And Keep your Finger On The Pulse Of Your Business

To Discover More Go to where you wiill point your existing sub contractors to in order to automatically instructed them to: Create , Support Change Management or to Manage Marketing Campaigns on behalf of your clients.

You need to be supplying your clients this System
as it provides

Solutions for Growing your App Clients' Customers adoption of their App

A State of the Art Solution for Managing Orders and Reservations

A Solution for Marketing to your App Client's Customers every week
to ensure that they use the App you supplied And Not Other Competitors of Your App Client

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Increase Your App Client's Revenue

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Provide a Sophisticated Multi Lingual Multi Currency Multi Branch Order And Reservation Management System For Free To Your App Clients

Migrate Your Existing App Client Portfolio

Work Smart and More Profitably by Providing Unrivalled White Label Business Intelligence

Totally Compatible
With all other App Platforms



Automated Email, Sms and Push Campaigns at the Touch of a button
Is one of many answers
To discover more apply to be a Partner App Provider

Features relating to your business

Features relating to your clients

Provide All This And Much More Under Your Branding as an Authorised Partner

A Robust Reliable and Secure Solution
The Yoyummy System Is an End To End Solution
Created by App Resellers For App Resellers and Their Clients